Counseling for Individuals

  • Have you lately had an unshakable feeling of worry or dread?
  • Do you wonder if you’re depressed or suffering from anxiety?
  • Are many of your relationships unfulfilling?
  • Do you sleep more than usual, or not at all?
  • How’s your appetite? Are you gaining or losing weight without trying?
  • Is your work stressful or unrewarding?
  • Do you cry or get angry for no apparent reason?
  • Have you lost friendships recently and you can't understand why?

A "Yes!" answer to any of these questions might mean some counseling could help. Getting past the places that cause us pain is usually easier when we have someone to guide us. Talking to an experienced therapist can help us sort out the issues that trouble us and make life hard. I can help you find the strengths and unique gifts that only you possess, and help you figure out how to use them to make your life better than you ever imagined it could be!

If depression or anxiety are what you’re up against, the good news is that therapy works well for both of those problems. The better news is that counseling plus medication work more than twice as well. Research shows that 30% of people find their depression or anxiety is well-treated with therapy alone, but more than 60% get better with the addition of medication. Whether you’re open to using meds or not, I can help you see the world as a brighter, less scary place. Depression and anxiety don’t have to keep you in their grip.

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