Counseling for Men

"Guys don't talk about their problems, they fix them or forget them."

"Talking doesn’t solve anything."

"Therapy is for sissies, not real men."

"Tell someone, especially a total stranger, my deepest, darkest secrets? Are you kidding me?!"

Sound familiar? All too often, guys think they have to go it alone, suck it up, deal with it, or get over it…whatever "it" is. I’m here to tell ya, it’s just not so.

Men are some of my favorite clients to work with, and they leave my office happier, more productive, healthier, and more in love with their mates than when they come in. Forget about the thoughts above, here’s what my male clients say about working with me:

"I’m a better consultant to my clients because you showed me how to really listen, not just pretend to listen. I’m having my best, most lucrative year ever, thanks to you!" – International IT Consultant

"I had no idea it was this easy to make my wife happy. I would’ve been doing it years ago if I’d known." – Fortune 100 Executive

"I can throw/catch/tackle/hit again! I’m not all up in my head anymore. Thank you!" – Professional Athlete(s)

"I came to you because I was desperate. Nothing in my life was good: work, kids, wife, health were at all-time lows. You showed me that I could improve all of them, all by myself. Plus, I just like talking to you!" – Local Celebrity

I’m an intuitive therapist married to a rational-minded CPA, and raising two young-adult sons, so I really get the male mind. I put therapy concepts in terms of business, sports, cars, food…all the things guys can relate to. I know what works with men, and that’s different than what works with women. I’ve had high-level leaders of local businesses, physicians, local celebrities and professional athletes as my clients, and all have left my office better than when they entered.

If you’ve ever thought about counseling, and you have or you wouldn’t be reading this, I urge you to call or email me. I think you’ll find we’re a good fit.

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